Monday, April 11, 2011

Earn to view and click Ads

How to spend your spare time productively? Why not join the hottest money-making programs online?
To those who spends a lot of time browsing the internet, playing flash games, facebooking, watching youtube
or even downloading movies and stuff, you might want to try viewing ads and get paid. Sounds great, right?
You can do this anytime (no pressure), at your most convenient time. Best if you're waiting for your computer to finish downloading a file, waiting for new updates in facebook or bored surfing the internet, open these pay-per-click programs and start viewing ads. You get paid for every ads you view and what's cool is that it's just 30seconds or less. Another very cool thing about it is that, you can invite your friends, co-workers, family or anyone you know who are using internet and earn commission via referral program.

Each of the listed programs below has its own referral program. There are some which offers unlimited direct referrals (much bigger percentage or commission on your part). Just imagine how much you can earn by simply referring them to join on each site below.
There's a lot of programs online that offers pay-per-view, pay-per-click, paid-to-read and many more.
These programs below so far are the best amongst the rest.

Leading Pay-per-click programs: (PTC (paid to click) programs)

Leading Paid-to-read emails: (PTR programs)

Leading Paid-to-complete offers:

There are still other unique programs that I'm going to include here. So make sure to subscribe or share this post to others by selecting the cute buttons at the bottom part of this post.

Join for free and start earning... =)

How to Earn with ClixSense

How to earn with ClixSense

  • Simply view the ads for few seconds like 30seconds or less (there's a timer don't worry)
  • Refer your friends, family or anyone you know to join you.
  • Upgrade your ClixSense account to increase commisions.
      Basically, these are the only things you need to do to earn with ClixSense. Like the first bullet, viewing ads
      for few seconds is very easy. Treat it like you're just playing a game wherein  this game gives you money.
      The more clicks (viewing ads) the more you earn money. Unlike other games, this one is real and worth
      the time. Upon logging in to your account, look for "View Ads" and there'll be number of ads next to it
      letting you know that you have ads ready to be viewed. Simply click on it and this opens a new window
      tab where it shows the advertisement and the timer is on top. Once timer finishes running, then you're
      ready to view another ad. You do this again and again and it's very addictive specially when you see the
      amount you earn increases!

Refer to the screenshot below: (Click the image to enlarge size)

This is where to view your Ads
Let's go to the second bullet, refer everyone!
This is HOW TO REFER your friends.  

Refer to to screenshots below: (Pleas click the image to enlarge size)

Log in to your ClixSense
Highlight "Affilate" , then select Invite Friends.

Enter your friend's name and their email addresses
Finally, hit "Send Invitations"

Once your friends clicked on the link attached to the email invitation and successfully registered, you earn referral commision. So invite as many as you can and have them invite their friends too to earn bigger and faster with ClixSense!

Ready to join? Click HERE to register.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Affliatebot: Easy to earn cash!

Work at home based business opportunities have grown tremendously
these days..

The primary income generating program on internet, is through joining
affiliate programs..

What is affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs allow Web sites who provide links to your site to receive payments or reciprocal advertising in exchange for promoting your Web site..

In other words, you earn through giving those websites you've joined as an affiliate, by simply promoting
their website in your your website (get it?) through their "links".. When readers/viewers of your website
click on the image of the affiliate programs you've joined and successfully made a transactions to it, you earn
are getting paid!!...

Where will i find Websites that offers affiliate programs?

There are lots of programs in internet offering affiliate programs but only few came successful..

Affiliatebot: Easy to earn cash!

You don't have to know about its history or its legitimacy 'coz
I can really say that its legitimate.. Use and
to analyze the performance of affiliatebot, it will give you result
to ensures affiliatebot legitimacy.. ^^, Existing for nine (9) years
in the internet will tell you enough of its legitimacy..

What's in affiliatebot?

It contains affiliateprograms the you can anytime choose to join..
Every program offers different commissions and theme its up to you
to choose which programs suits your website..

Implementation: (Easy as ABC)
Simply get the "code links" of the programs you chose and put it
in your "Blog" or "website".. DONE!

Promote your blog or website along with your "new" affiliate programs..

To join affiliatebot and look for many programs to join, simply
click the image below..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Business Social Networks: Missing link to your business!!


You have probably have all the lists of the programs to promote and you have tons of ideas to say things about it.. But you don't want to waste time advertising it in the middle of nowhere..
You definitely want to have huge traffic for huge sales... You then need exposure!

It's a fact that, to increase traffic & sales, you definitely need to have access to a large
number of prospects..

Though classified sites can be a great help, but you should now only stick to that... For sure you want to reach people who have the same interest as you... You want to tell them "hey I have this great stuff(s) here! Check it out!!" Or most probably you want to build your downlines (then why not) ..

Then why not let the "right people" know about it? Socialize it! Make it famous!!
How? (well a perfect question)

If you want to earn "big" from your home based business, you have to join "Social Networks"..
That's right, but not those cute lovey flirty friend social networks ^^, You have to join
business social networks!

There are lots of business social networks.. But to choose which one is great is difficult..
Because they ALL work effectively.. So "JOIN THEM ALL"..

The best I've found is Apsense and Yuwie:


Aside from the ease of using these programs, there is also fun.. These two for me is the hottest
social network these days.. Aside from its new.. It is also loaded with features different from
each other...

Apsense is more serious about "Home based business" it can really give directly the RIGHT people you want in your business or the RIGHT people to help you out in your business, the Right people to support you in your business (Downlines)..

Apsense simply allows you to create your own "business social network" for FREE!
You only need 10 minutes!


* Create your own Business Group
*Create your own Business Center
*Invite people in your contact list (automated system)

Watch live demo of Apsense HERE (Flash Video)..

and a lot more... Apsense is FREE!

Go and Find those people you need! Join Apsense NOW!

Click HERE...

On the other hand, Yuwie is a social network that allows you to build camaraderie to all people
online and build business relations with them..

Yuwie is also cool because it's universal.. There are various of groups/clubs there that are unique and you'll just have to find where your interests fit in..

Yuwie Allows you to:

* Create your Club
whether its a business club or anything you want aside from business...

*Personalize your profile

*You have incentives when many views your profile ($$)

* Refer others and get paid...

Get to know Yuwie! Broadcast your business and lyfstyle!

Click HERE..

Of course you can join Both!

* I like to join Apsense

*I like to join Yuwie

Goodluck and be famous!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

A.W surveys is a SCAM...

This survey site is a whole lot of scam.. This offers a minimum payout of $70, upon joining you'll automatically get $26..
To be able to reach the minimum pay out, you'll really need to invite/ refer others to this site..

A lot of people already reached the minimum yet didn't receive anything.. Well, from the first look, you'll really notice that its a scam.. of course for the newbies in internet, its natural to be one of the victims of this kind of scams.. In fact i registered to this site too!!..

Yes i got fooled by that $26 entrance bonus...But, i doubted about the "goodness" of the site.. That's why i've investigated.. I found many blogs and sites saying that this A.W. surveys is a whole lot of scam.. And so i stopped being fooled... I found the info long before i started this blog.. that's why I failed to share it to others, but since i'm still noticing that many are still registering to A.W. surveys.. I made a little investigation again and there i found a concrete evidence (i believe), a victim of this survey having her proof attached to her blog..
Her name is "misha", also one of us wanting to earn online...

Accordingly, the a.w.surveys, emailed her and this is what the email contains:

Hello misha_val,

We have processed and Denied your payment of $50. Your Account has been flagged
for fraudulent activities.

This could be for any of the following reasons:

- Same IP Address

- Low or no Survey taken Ratio

- Promoting our website in a way that violates our T.O.S.

- Other Fraudulent Activity detections we have in place

Please E-mail us if you believe your account has been flagged incorrectly.


Of course, you can read her report about this scam, by simply clicking HERE ...
So, before you join a certain program, make sure you get to know the program first...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Marketingpond: The BEST FREE AVAILABLE PROGRAM on Internet!!

Discover How To Make Free Money Online!
"Currently 17061 people have joined Marketing Pond"
... its growing


Because Members enjoy the following Features:

Members get a replicated website that looks like this one.

Members get your own member id url.

Members get your own member backoffice area.

Members get member banners, ads, tools.

Members get and have access to digital products.

Members get and have access to the best free advertising resources.

Members get and have access to all future products and resources added.

Members get 100% support.

Marketing Pond Affiliate Benefits :

You will get a simple step by step plan that places your efforts on autopilot.

You will be able to place your referral id's in the free to earn programs listed which can result in a chain of duplication resulting in making you more free money.

You will be able to place your referral id's in the free advertising programs listed which can result in a chain of duplication resulting in saving you time and effort.

You will have access to our very active member forum.

You will be shown where and how to advertise free resulting in more sign ups for you.

You will learn how to swim in the online business world instead of sink!

Marketing Pond Is Totally FREE :

$0 cost !

Everything at Marketing Pond is totally free to you. No charge. $0. Zilch. Nada. 100% totally risk free! The only way you can lose is by not signing up.

Join Marketingpond Now!!! Click Here

Earn with WordLinx!!

Works similar to clixsense. Members are paid for visiting advertisers website for 20 seconds. Payout is a low $10. You must have a paypal account in order to be paid. Payouts are usually honored within 48 hours of request. Earnings may also be converted to advert WordLinx truly is for everyone...either for earning money and/or converting credits for advertising.

  • Get paid to click.
  • Free to join.
  • Extra cash bonuses.
  • Cashout at just $10.
Join Here !!

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