Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Earn with ClixSense

How to earn with ClixSense

  • Simply view the ads for few seconds like 30seconds or less (there's a timer don't worry)
  • Refer your friends, family or anyone you know to join you.
  • Upgrade your ClixSense account to increase commisions.
      Basically, these are the only things you need to do to earn with ClixSense. Like the first bullet, viewing ads
      for few seconds is very easy. Treat it like you're just playing a game wherein  this game gives you money.
      The more clicks (viewing ads) the more you earn money. Unlike other games, this one is real and worth
      the time. Upon logging in to your account, look for "View Ads" and there'll be number of ads next to it
      letting you know that you have ads ready to be viewed. Simply click on it and this opens a new window
      tab where it shows the advertisement and the timer is on top. Once timer finishes running, then you're
      ready to view another ad. You do this again and again and it's very addictive specially when you see the
      amount you earn increases!

Refer to the screenshot below: (Click the image to enlarge size)

This is where to view your Ads
Let's go to the second bullet, refer everyone!
This is HOW TO REFER your friends.  

Refer to to screenshots below: (Pleas click the image to enlarge size)

Log in to your ClixSense
Highlight "Affilate" , then select Invite Friends.

Enter your friend's name and their email addresses
Finally, hit "Send Invitations"

Once your friends clicked on the link attached to the email invitation and successfully registered, you earn referral commision. So invite as many as you can and have them invite their friends too to earn bigger and faster with ClixSense!

Ready to join? Click HERE to register.

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