Monday, July 30, 2007

A.W surveys is a SCAM...

This survey site is a whole lot of scam.. This offers a minimum payout of $70, upon joining you'll automatically get $26..
To be able to reach the minimum pay out, you'll really need to invite/ refer others to this site..

A lot of people already reached the minimum yet didn't receive anything.. Well, from the first look, you'll really notice that its a scam.. of course for the newbies in internet, its natural to be one of the victims of this kind of scams.. In fact i registered to this site too!!..

Yes i got fooled by that $26 entrance bonus...But, i doubted about the "goodness" of the site.. That's why i've investigated.. I found many blogs and sites saying that this A.W. surveys is a whole lot of scam.. And so i stopped being fooled... I found the info long before i started this blog.. that's why I failed to share it to others, but since i'm still noticing that many are still registering to A.W. surveys.. I made a little investigation again and there i found a concrete evidence (i believe), a victim of this survey having her proof attached to her blog..
Her name is "misha", also one of us wanting to earn online...

Accordingly, the a.w.surveys, emailed her and this is what the email contains:

Hello misha_val,

We have processed and Denied your payment of $50. Your Account has been flagged
for fraudulent activities.

This could be for any of the following reasons:

- Same IP Address

- Low or no Survey taken Ratio

- Promoting our website in a way that violates our T.O.S.

- Other Fraudulent Activity detections we have in place

Please E-mail us if you believe your account has been flagged incorrectly.


Of course, you can read her report about this scam, by simply clicking HERE ...
So, before you join a certain program, make sure you get to know the program first...


Natalie said...

Wow, I just posted a glowing review of A.W. Surveys. About 5 minutes later I saw your post and immediately went and edited mine to reflect what you found out! Thanks a lot for posting this, I made sure to link to you!

Misha said...

I've added your link
(and I'm male)

Melbel said...

I also wrote an article about how AW Surveys is a scam.

It's kind of interesting, I used the same comment from that user and hadn't seen your post.

Fanatika said...

So true! And when I reached 75$, my account got deleted just like that!

Here's what I've blogged:

Benjamin said...

wow this is so rong in so many ways like awsurveys doesnt give out 50s only 75s so if u made this why whould u lie

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